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  • Writers block: 9 tips to conquer it!

    • 11 Oct 2019
    • Rocky Parker

    You’ve been staring at the blank page for far too long and feel incapable of putting words down. You have a deadline fast approaching..

  • Infographics - spice up your content

    When to Use Infographics: 4 Content Types Perfect for Custom Visuals

    • 27 Sep 2019
    • Rocky Parker

    Infographics can increase traffic to your site by an average of 12 percent and receive 3x more likes and shares on social media than any other type of content.

  • Digital toolkit

    Digital tools for Journalists.

    • 13 Sep 2019
    • Rocky Parker

    Digital Journalism Tools: 20 Useful Apps and Sites for Writers

  • Meet the Journalist: Ian Taylor, FashionBeans.

    • 2 Sep 2019
    • Alister Houghton

    Ian Taylor, editor-in-chief of men’s style site FashionBeans, discusses the site’s approach to men’s style, the importance of imagery and how PRs can best work with the team.

  • busted flush?

    Is influencer marketing a busted flush?

    • 13 Aug 2019
    • Alister Houghton

    This white paper will explore the issues which have begun to plague influencer marketing and whether the backlash from both audiences and marketers will fatally undermine the sector. 

  • Journo to PR

    Making the move from Journalism to PR.

    • 5 Aug 2019
    • Stephen Waddington

    There are strong economic reasons for journalists to make the switch. There are more prospects in public relations and salaries are higher. It’s no surprise that’s a popular career transition.

  • How my persistence and determination led to invaluable opportunities.

    • 5 Jul 2019
    • Brad Grant, JDF bursary recipient.

    Brad Grant (JDF bursary recipient) details his journey towards his NCTJ qualification.

  • Mia Hodgkinson, The Property Buying Company.

    60 Seconds with The Property Buying Company’s Mia Hodgkinson

    • 4 Jul 2019
    • Alister Houghton, Cision.

    Mia Hodgkinson, senior content producer and copywriter at The Property Buying Company, talks about her role, changes in the property sector and her drive to increase the sector’s diversity.

  • From left: Moderator Richard Griffiths, Ketchum, A

    CisionMeets...... Reuters

    • 7 Jun 2019
    • Alister Houghton, Cision

    Reuters want comms professionals to build long-lasting relationships with its journalists, its senior editorial team revealed at Cision's latest media briefing

  • Jabir, Meirion and Kate

    PressPad and Me

    • 6 Feb 2019
    • Jabir Mustapha Sambo

    Jabir Mustapha Sambo was the first intern to be hosted by PressPad. Here he shares with you a small insight of his time with PressPad during his BBC internship.

  • Assessment centres - what to expect (all image cou

    What you should know before attending an assessment centre

    • 24 Jan 2019
    • Anca Coman

    Assessment centres are a good opportunity for employers to identify the most suitable candidates for their companies and for candidate to better understand the needs of their employers.

  • Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Being A Journalist On Social Media

    • 4 Sep 2018
    • Jem Collins

    Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Being A Journalist On Social Media

  • Advice from the experts: What makes a good pitch great?

    • 29 Jun 2018
    • Sian Meades

    Even when you’re an established freelancer and you get it right most of the time, a lot of pitches can still go unanswered, or get rejected. Even if the initial idea is good. So how do you turn a good pitch into a great one?

  • Freelance

    How to pitch for freelance writing jobs

    • 4 Apr 2018
    • Sian Meades

    Sian Meades gives us her advice for getting freelance roles.

  • Change to Cision Jobs Internship Policy

    • 12 Apr 2017
    • Ashley Richardson

    Cision Jobs has updated its policy on how roles being advertised as internships are to be remunerated.