N365 Group

About N365 Group

Since N365 started in Sweden 2011, we’ve grown year-on-year to now have 47 employees working at the headquarter in Stockholm. Since our international launch in 2016 when we started up offices in London, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki, N365 family is now 54 people strong.

Not having fun?

For us it’s very important to have fun at work. That doesn’t mean we don’t work hard, because we do, but when you’re passionate about your job it’s more fun to go to work, both when the workload is heavy and when it’s Monday morning.

When you grow – we grow

Team spirit and personal development is very important for us, we don’t expect anyone to know what we do, because no one else does it like we do, but we want both the individuals and the team to develop every day. Humbleness is another important skill for us; we demand every employee to be ready to reconsider their knowledge every day, from day one to forever, because when we don’t challenge ourselves anymore, it isn’t fun anymore

Are you are next star?

Our employees should have a talent for language and writing, and if they’re good with numbers it’s a plus, but except from that it’s all about attitude and willingness to learn.

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