RT, TV News Copy Editor (Moscow)

11 Nov 2020
11 Dec 2020
Job Type
Full Time

You are a professional copy editor, who is fast and accurate.

You can stand the heat of an international TV network newsroom.

You have the courage needed for a life-changing relocation.

RT is looking for a talented and dynamic copy editor to join its Moscow-based English-language broadcast team during a time of expansion and transformation for one of the world’s biggest news media brands.

From anchor intros, to correspondent scripts, to chyrons, every word heard or seen on air will pass before your eyes, before being beamed to an international audience of millions.

The candidate

You have the fundamental skills. You are a native-level speaker of English with a firm grasp of grammar and usage. You are an experienced proofreader, who won’t allow errors make it to broadcast. You have the trust of the screen talent and editors working with you.

You have an ear for broadcast speech. It looks good on paper, but does it flow naturally? Can you make dense information sequences sound digestible? Can you make it catchy with forcing it?

You are immune to panic. As a story breaks, there is movement and panic around you. When there are the most distractions, is when you have to do your most cool-headed, efficient work.

You follow news and get RT. Often, partial information will come in fast, and your understanding of context and story angles means you will add and edit exactly what’s necessary, instead of distorting what’s there.

You are good to have around. During your working day, you will interact with more people than nearly anyone else in the newsroom. Colleagues have to enjoy working with you, but also respect your opinion.

The job

This is a full-time vacancy at the RT broadcasting centre located in MOSCOW.

Standard 10-hours shifts for copy editors are five days on, five days off, with starting times staggered through the day for an around-the-clock broadcast.

You may be asked to participate in a short paid trial to make sure both sides are happy, before moving to Russia.

We will take care of visa arrangements, and help with a stress-free move to Moscow, regardless of any Covid-related disruptions in your present location.

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