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1 Oct 2021
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We are not looking for someone to simply sit at their desk rearranging commas and untangling dependent clauses (though there will be plenty of that).

No, we want more. We need guardian angels, who can magic an article into a viral hit with one simple headline tweak, save us from that embarrassing error slipping through, see with eyes that spot the things that three other pairs have missed.

We will hire sub-editors who are committed to our news mission and truly want to make – from the front page to the last line of every article – a site they are personally proud of, for every hour of their working day.

The candidate

You have the technical skills. You have a most firm grasp of grammar. You can play with tone and register. You get our house style. You are an experienced proofreader. You must have the trust of the writers and news editors, which is essential for them to rely on you.

You have excellent judgement. You know when to leave the article alone, when to fiddle slightly and when to rewrite whole chunks, all with an awareness of ever-evolving time constraints.

You are fast and accurate, even under pressure. There will often be occasions when you are editing a story as quickly as it is being written, while three colleagues are making your messenger buzz. This doesn’t daunt you.

You have unflagging stamina and attention to detail. Your shift can be 12 hours long, and your work has to be as good at the end of it as it was starting out. You are also the final team member to go through the text before publication, the safety net to catch any clangers.

You have a flair for headlines. This is your biggest chance to add value. You know SEO, our audience, and what we are trying to say, and you have that special spark.

You get on with people. During your day you will be in touch with dozens of colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds, most of whom you will never meet in person. You need to have a good working relationship with each one. You know when to stand your ground, and when to let it go. You accept that you may not always have final say. You have a key role in which teamwork trumps ego, where the result is always more important than winning an argument.

The job

This is a full-time, remote vacancy. You must be ready for 12-hour workdays on a rotating shift (for example, four days on, four days off) or for a standard five-day week (8-9 hours per shift).

We may ask you to switch between the two schedules and, occasionally, to log in at unusual times, but we will try our best to find amenable hours to suit your time zone and personal life.

Your workflow will primarily consist of receiving and returning news text, from wires to long reads, all via electronic messenger. We have been operating at full capacity throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

You have to be comfortable with the content management system, though you will not usually be inputting articles yourself. You do not have to deal with photos. You are not the primary fact checker, though you should spot glaring howlers.

When you have no current text in front of you, you are expected to monitor the overall health of the website or to offer in-depth feedback to authors whose articles you went through earlier.

One of our new recruits will specialise on working with the social media team and oversee their output on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You have to be extra creative, witty, pithy and internet-savvy for this dynamic environment. Indicate in your application if you are specifically interested and qualified.

Please click 'APPLY NOW' and complete the application form. If we like your CV, we will ask you to join us for a short, paid trial, before offering a longer-term arrangement. Please be ready for it, though we will attempt to fit the trial around your existing commitments.

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