VitalBriefing, Freelance Editors with Financial Media Experience

12 Jun 2019
12 Jul 2019
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VitalBriefing, a Luxembourg-based digital media company creating curated business-related news, thought leadership and other online content, is hiring freelance editors to work from home on a range of products and services covering principally financial services and related business sectors.

In the coming weeks and months we aim to offer regular work, initially under a freelance contract, although we may in the future offer full-time editing positions.

We provide clients worldwide with multiple types of content including daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly curated news summaries, business intelligence, competitor monitoring reports, in-depth studies, longer thought leadership and other content for digital corporate publications, websites and social media.

Candidates should demonstrate an ability to craft clear and concise English, with sharp editing skills, and readiness to follow style requirements that may vary according to the client. Ability to understand material in other languages, especially French and German, is highly welcome.

In particular, we are looking for the ability to create fluent but concise text out of sometimes variable raw submissions, and to detect and correct any misunderstandings or errors in the original submitted content, as well as sometimes in underlying source material.

A strong understanding of banking and finance and experience in media covering these areas, along with other business sectors and technology, plus an ability to learn quickly about unfamiliar fields and topics, are all key advantages.

Successful candidates will be self-starters who work quickly and efficiently, and can:

  • Learn and use our proprietary content platform, as well as the commercial workflow management system we use.
  • Get up to speed quickly with new topics and fields.
  • Combine brevity with readability and avoidance of jargon.
  • Make every word count for audiences of time-pressured professionals who rely on our information for its conciseness, depth, accuracy and relevance.
  • Adapt writing tone and voice if necessary for multiple professional and non-professional audiences.
  • Demonstrate reliability in meeting fixed deadlines.

Apply by completing the application form below. When responding, please include your CV and where possible URLs for your LinkedIn profile and/or personal web site. References are also welcome.

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